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As a Certified Mortgage Broker, my goal is to build lasting relationships with my clients and help them save money in the short and long term.

My service is free and independent. It is therefore my duty to guide and educate my clients in his/her best interests. Either by:

  • Awareness of all expenses and responsibilities related to the purchase of a property (down payment, inspection fees and house value, insurance premiums, property taxes, notary fees, possible repairs and renovations, moving expenses, taxes, etc.)
  • The establishment of a household budget and the clarification of its financial balance sheet to establish the capacity of a mortgage loan.
  • Understanding your credit report and its importance for approval.
  • Understanding the process and the time required for a mortgage approval.
  • Documents required for the purchase and mortgage financing of a residential or commercial property.
  • Establishing the source of the down payment and / or suggesting different strategies and types of mortgages in the case of the lack of the necessary down payment.
  • The choice of amortization period, interest rate, term, open or closed loan.

All to obtain a pre-authorization from a wide range of Canadian lenders which will continue in the choice of the property with other professionals needed in the process to finalize the purchase.